Words Test For TOEIC Part 22

Questions in this quiz to test popular words in TOEIC exam.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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The designer made the __________ that people are attracted to boxes in primary colors.

The product development team were __________ that the competition would produce a similiar product and get it on the market before they did.

Sarah wants to return her dress to the store because it __________ to easily.

Standardized products are __________ in appearance.

Agnes was __________ by the odor of the waterproofing.

An employee who __________ his job as important performs better than one who wants only a paycheck.

Rebecca is known as __________ #321 among her quality control coworkers.

__________ equipment on a new car is not only costly, but also dangerous.

Even as the __________ through the hundreds of pages of supporting material, the committee was still not convinced that the project was justified.

As her first __________, the committee chairwoman wanted to attract new, energetic memebers to the group.

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