Word Test For TOEIC Part 5

Choose the word that best completes the sentence

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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In order to __________ your e-mail messages, you must type in your password.

After reviewing the schedule, I realized we had not __________ enough time for the software.

The computer staff is responsible for making sure all system files are __________ .

__________ to examine the capabilities of the computer carefully has cost us a lot of time and money.

She __________ the warning that the hard drive was full and consequently they were unable to save the test data.

The computer will __________ you to save your work before quitting.

__________ is still a major concern for inner-city schools that want to install computers.

Hoping to repeat the success of the previous year's sales __________, the vice president held a meeting of all the managers.

The athlete's extraordinary __________ distracted customers from the auto itself.

As promised on our last meeting, this contract __________ you with the best prices.

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