Word Test For TOEIC Part 3

Choose the word that best completes the sentence

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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While you are __________ your business plan, it is a good idea to keep a resource library of valuable materials.

After you turn in your business plan, you will receive a written __________ of your work within two weeks.

If we think __________, we can come up with a plan that promises success.

It is now legal to __________ a generic brand drug for a prescription medicine if you have the patient's consent.

The banquet room could __________ up to 750 for dinner

Helen made the final __________ for use the conference room with the hotel's general manager.

For most people, Samco is __________ with computer chip production.

We expect that fewer guests will __________ the evening gala.

The association's members were asked to __________ for the special session well in advance because space in the lecture hall was limited.

By adding more class __________, the staff was able to please more members.

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