Word Test For TOEIC Part 2

Choose the word that best completes the sentence

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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Without good ___________, good products can go unsold.

A careful analysis of the ______________ products on the market indicated that our product lacked innovation and optional features.

The timing belt ___________ shows signs of wear after about 180,000 miles.

Jacques and Louisa will only ___________ purchasing appliances that come with a money-back guarantee.

If there is any __________ of the director's involvement, we need to follow up swiftly and thoroughly.

The level of __________ implied by the warranty was misleading.

It can be very helpful to consider the __________ of the manufacturer and the merchant when making a major purchase.

If the appliance breaks down within two years of purchase, the manufacturer is __________ to send you a replacement at no charge.

You cannot __________ learning how to use the new software as it will be needed in daily operations from now on.

I don't want to intrude, but would you like me to __________ how to use that machine ?

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