Word Test For TOEIC Part 19

Questions in this quiz to test popular words in TOEIC exam.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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Our business experienced a __________ fall in profits during the third quarter of the year.

To create our financial strategy, our consultant took the experiences of similar business and __________ relevant outcomes to our situation.

The projected financial statement demonstrated to Susan that her business had a __________ chance of increasing its profit over the next two quarters.

The __________ figures for the next quarter will not be available until a week from tomorrow.

The accountant can review all the __________ of the financial statement with you.

Before we begin, I think we should all focus on the __________ outcome of this effort.

I didn't overpay my taxes this year so I didn't get a __________ .

The __________ of the forms took much less time than we expected.

We didn't know we had to claim the interest from our savings account and were __________ for the error.

It is usually advantageous for spouses to file their income taxes __________ .

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