Word Test For TOEIC Part 18

Questions in this quiz to test popular words in TOEIC exam.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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Those __________ on my desk contain all the information we'll need for preparing our taxes.

According to my __________ , we owe a lot of money in taxes this year.

Is it __________ to consider funding a new project when we haven't even seen the returns from the last one ?

A good financial analyst will advise investors on strategies that will generate higher __________ .

After months of study and research, the __________ decided to put his money into new facilities and materials.

Because he had made such __________ investments, he lost very liile money when the stock market went down.

All employees are encouraged to __________ a percentage of their earnings to the retirement fund.

The stockbroker recommended investing some money more __________ .

All the employees will benefit if the company's __________ continue to increase.

I __________ some savings in my bank account before I made any investments in business.

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