Word Test For TOEIC Part 17

Questions in this quiz to test popular words in TOEIC exam.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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At the end of next week, all the division heads will meet to present one consolidated __________

We went over our records carefully in order to prepare for the meeting with the __________

The account manager has __________ a tremendous amount of wealth in a very short time.

The firm's __________ studied finance and business administration.

These __________ must be completed before the close of business day.

There is a counter in the bank lobby where customers can __________ their documents.

The number of withdrawals at no charge from your savings account is __________ to three.

Every month my automatic car loan payment shows up as a __________ on my monthly statement.

We felt __________ about applying for such a large loan.

I'm going to call the bank manager ahead of time to make certain that she will __________ a personal check to start a new account.

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