Word Test For TOEIC Part 16

Questions in this quiz to test popular words in TOEIC exam.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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Most merchants are happy to find any way to __________ their customer base.

All fashion __________ have a limited life span.

It is a poorly run office that does not __________ adequate office supplies.

Sometimes office policy doesn't allow the company to __________ less expensive supplies when they are available from someone other than a preferred provider.

A supplier who has chronic trouble __________ his obligations to a customer will quickly lose customers.

To __________ disruption, buyers should order well ahead of need.

It is wise to begin by __________ an inventory of equipment on hand.

If the provider does not meet his client's demand, he should __________ the problem as soon as possible.

If some supplies show a steady rise in consumption, the office manager should make an appropriate __________ in his standard order.

The office manager should also ascertain whether the inventory of supplies properly __________ the volume of use in the office.

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