TOEIC Reading Test 9 Electronics

This passage will provide you some information in electronic industry. Read the following passage and write the words in the blank below.

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By the mid 1980s, virtually all U.S. businesses owned at least one computer. Prices of computers declined over the next few years, resulting in a surge in popularity. At the same time, offices started to rely on , which the sharing and processing of data. Such data was made possible by improvements in both the hardware and software industries.

More recently, data storage have undergone their own revolution. Because of advancements, the capacity of a compact disc increased significantly.

In addition, manufacturers of offer competitive upgrades to competitors' products.

Virtually all office workers today are trained in the most word processing softwares.

Computers repeatedly the workplace, and everyone, no matter how accomplished he or she is with other , needs to stay abreast of major trends in computer development.

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