TOEIC Reading Test 8 Office Procedures

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Read the following passage and choose the words in the blanks below.

How many employees show any for their corporate culture ? How many executives appreciate what their corporate culture is and what it is ? It is often by the office procedures and routines that have been established over the years. A manager made her mark twenty years ago by dressing , thereby forever changing the dress . A director bought from the competition when he ran stock and the practice soon became standard. These examples add to a company's culture.

Good employees know what the standard procedures are. This is and important element in recruiting new employees, as well as training workers. When training workers, it is often important to have them read the procedures, write their reactions, and their opinions to these practices. This promotes a sense of cooperation between those who establish the and those who must follow them.

Employees who have been with a company for many years may not be able to identify practices because they haven't anything else. What happens when a department needs and extra hand ? Is a 'temp' , or is someone borrowed from another department ? The new recruits often ask the questions that allow more senior employees to get a of the corporate culture.

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