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Read the following passage and choose the words from the selecting box: 

Many companies have one person or a department that running the office. If you have ever worked for a company that doesn't have an office manager, you very quickly learn to appreciate the importance of the job. Who is in charge of placing orders ? Who services the fax machines or printer ? Who makes sure that the office is presentable for customers ? Are the new conference tables and shelves as well as ?

It is the office manager's responsibility to maintain an efficient and smooth-running office. He or she looks for ways to costs and minimize interruptions in the day-to-day operations. Whereas functional managers know the of their employees, the office manager knows the capacity of the office and the supplies and machines that are in the office.

The office manager the ordering of furniture and supplies, and changing office technology. Over time, he or she may notice problems that require changing a service . Furniture and large items are ordered on an basis. Other frequently used materials, such as paper, folders, and mailing materials, are on an automatic ordering schedule and a of those supplies is on hand at the office.

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