TOEIC Reading Test 6 Computers

TOEIC Reading skill test

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Questions: 1

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Read the following passage and choose the words from the selecting box: 

When I try to my computer, a pops up that says "Low Memory.". From there, I can't what to do. The computer won't let me any of my files, so I can't for those that I could delete. I've already all of my files, and I can't believe that my remaining files are using up so much memory. I'd be happy to the computer's warning, but I I have no option, since the is frozen on this message. Do you think I've to understand something about the questions of this computer ? If you can, would you please a few minites in your busy schedule to help me solve this dilemma ? As I said before, I'm sure that my software is and is not the source of this problem.

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