TOEIC Reading Test 2 Marketing

TOEIC Reading skill test - Marketing

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Read the following passage and choose the words from the selecting box:

Yassir is getting ready to realize his dream: opening a business that sells plants on the internet. After completing a business plan that helped him to determine that there was demand for his  in the . Yassir is already to start promoting his business. Having the bank that there was a market - that there were consumers willing to buy plants on the internet - he needed to find these .

Once he has an established base, Yassir, like other business owners, will have to continually new customers. At the same time, he must make sure current customers are . In order to be satisfied, customers must be happy with the product they receive. Yassir's job is to these customers to gain their repeat business. To do this, he will have to consumers that he offers a good product at a good price, especially when to the businesses with which he . He hopes that internet plant buyers are here to stay and not just part of a .

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