TOEIC Reading Test 10 Correspondence

This passage will provide you some information in correspondence field. Read the following passage and write the words in the blank below.

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In small offices, it is often the executive assistant who must manage all of the printed material that the firm produces. The job responsibilities include typing and printing out the correspondence. These latters and memos must all be carefully to make sure they are error-free. If not, the errors should be corrected. If the meaning is not clear, the correspondence should be revised. This should be done , not when the letter is ready to be sent.

Before putting correspondence into an envelope, the executive assistant must all the various attachments and other documents to be enclosed with the letter. When the correspondence, the assistant should make sure that when opening the envelope, the recipient sees the letterhead first.

Once prepared, the correspondence must be sent appropriately. Local, urgent mail could be hand-delivered bu a service. Long-distance, urgent mail could be sent overnight or by mail. If a record is required, mail can be and receipts are given.

In addition to transmitting and receiving faxes, the executive assistant must work closely with company officials. When the company executives have to make a prsentation, the executive assistant often becomes a graphic designer charged with the , or the look of, the graphics and text for the printed materials used during the presentations. Did I that these duties generally involve learning extremely design software ? It's a wonder that more executive assistants don't their bosses for a raise.

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