Random Word Test For TOEIC


Choose the word that best completes the sentence

Time to do: 10 mins

Questions: 20

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We went over our records carefully in order to prepare for the meeting with the __________

Ms. Handa was unable to express her __________ for all that her colleagues had done for her.

One decision with tax returns is whether to __________ itemizing in favor of the standard deduction.

The __________ of the forms took much less time than we expected.

Inventory control cannot be performed __________ but must be done by physically counting the merchandise.

Your resume shows you have __________ a great deal in your last position.

She __________ the warning that the hard drive was full and consequently they were unable to save the test data.

Jacques and Louisa will only ___________ purchasing appliances that come with a money-back guarantee.

The __________ figures for the next quarter will not be available until a week from tomorrow.

I'm going to call the bank manager ahead of time to make certain that she will __________ a personal check to start a new account.

There is a counter in the bank lobby where customers can __________ their documents.

The Small Business Administration will help you to arrange to __________ money to start a business.

These microchips are __________ taster and more cheaply in Asia.

If some supplies show a steady rise in consumption, the office manager should make an appropriate __________ in his standard order.

After reviewing the schedule, I realized we had not __________ enough time for the software.

Those __________ on my desk contain all the information we'll need for preparing our taxes.

Our company policy used to __________ that male employees keep their hair short, but that policy was considered sexist

All fashion __________ have a limited life span.

__________ with a good ad is time-consuming.

By adding more class __________, the staff was able to please more members.

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