Random Word Test For TOEIC


Choose the word that best completes the sentence

Time to do: 10 mins

Questions: 20

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A company that recognizes __________ merit will receive employee loyalty in return.

When you select __________ for the display windows, be sure to include seasonal gifts and clothing.

There is a __________ approach to software design integration that all the big software developers are currently learning.

The computer's inventory figures will be considered inaccurate intil the store manager enters the data from the physical count and __________ the figures.

Your full participation is __________ to our timely completion of this project.

Most people get nervous when someone is __________ their books.

Most merchants are happy to find any way to __________ their customer base.

The __________ figures for the next quarter will not be available until a week from tomorrow.

The benefits package is an important aspect of contract __________.

If there is any __________ of the director's involvement, we need to follow up swiftly and thoroughly.

The contract calls for the union to __________ who thier bargaining representative will be.

We will __________ all of our outdated software with the newest versions.

__________ to examine the capabilities of the computer carefully has cost us a lot of time and money.

After months of study and research, the __________ decided to put his money into new facilities and materials.

It is wise to begin by __________ an inventory of equipment on hand.

The __________ of the new computer network was apparent among the employees after only a few months.

This program is used to scan resumes and search for key words that __________..

I didn't overpay my taxes this year so I didn't get a __________ .

The firm's __________ studied finance and business administration.

A __________ and hard-working employee can look forward to rapid promotions.

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