One Piece Quiz Random Questions


This is a funny quiz for One Piece fans. In this quiz questions will be sorted randomly every you refresh the quiz.

Time to do: 5 mins

Questions: 20

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What will happen for who ate a devil fruit ?

Which devil fruit is different from the others ?

What is the name of the mayor of Luffy's hometown ?

Logia users only can be defeated by who uses Haki power, isn't it ?

Who was the youngest character in the series to get a bounty ?

In One Piece world, which type of Devil Fruit is the most common ?

How many CP9 agents went under cover at the Galley-La Company ?

Grandline is between what area ?

Who was the second Shichibukai to have his/her name mentioned ?

Which type of Devil Fruit could be easily mistaken as Logia type ?

How many days did Zeff and Sanji abandon on the island ?

How many forms are there to master in Rokushiki ?

What does the name "Kuja" mean ?

What is devil fruit ?

What will happen for one consume two Devil Fruits ?

How much does Nami charge for seeing her naked ?

Which type of devil fruit allows who consumed it to transform into another species ?

Which type of Devil Fruit is the rarest one ?

Who was the first character to give someone "the middle finger" ?

Who was the first person Luffy fought with ?

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