Devil Fruit Quiz For One Piece Fans

Devil Fruit Quiz is created for One Piece Fans. In this quiz we will test devil fruits identification and who ate it. You will not be a One Piece fan if you do not finish it perfectly.

Time to do: unlimited

Questions: 10

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Which devil fruit did this man eat ?

Which devil fruit is different from the others ?

What is devil fruit ?

What will happen for who ate a devil fruit ?

Logia users only can be defeated by who uses Haki power, isn't it ?

Which type of devil fruit allows who consumed it to transform into another species ?

In One Piece world, which type of Devil Fruit is the most common ?

Which type of Devil Fruit could be easily mistaken as Logia type ?

What will happen for one consume two Devil Fruits ?

Which type of Devil Fruit is the rarest one ?

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