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The stages of the product life cycle are:

What elements are in Marketing Mix ?

In Marketing, what is Positioning mean ?

What the brand use for ?

What is Market segmentation ?

In marketing, what AIDA stands for ?

The length of a product's life cycle:

A pioneer in a product market may have the opportunity to establish industry norms, which may include:

Regarding product life cycles, what must a good marketing manager know ?

Which of the following gives the correct order of the steps in the new product development process?

The sales and profits of an individual product may not follow the life cycle pattern.

During the sales decline stage of the product life cycle, no firm can earn a profit.

A new product is one that is new in any way for the company concerned.

If an individual is injured by a defective or unsafely designed product, the seller's legal obligation to pay damages is called product liability.

Category managers have exactly the same role as brand managers.

Marketing is sale and advertising ?

Non-profit organization do not need to execute marketing.

Sale opinion focus to seller's needs. Marketing opinion focus to buyer's needs.

Marketers can create natural needs of human.

The main goal of marketers is to find out desire and demand of human.

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